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More Bad News For Vaccine and Flu Drug

Even in these days of 24/7 media coverage, it's hard to imagine three major flu vaccine stories all hit the news services within hours of each other, all of them conflicting and potentially very deadly for your health.

Canadian researchers discovered a slight rise in the incidence of Guillian-Barre syndrome, a condition similar to multiple sclerosis, among those given flu shots. Even though the lead researcher claims the risk of contracting Guillian-Barre is tiny, getting a flu shot ups that risk by some 45 percent. Not so surprising, considering recent reports some college-age patients contracted Guillian-Barre after being given the meningococcal vaccine.

Also rather timely is yesterday's news about more than 100 recent cases of bizarre behavior and three deaths related to falls mostly in Japan connected with Tamiflu, and most involving children. This comes about a year after the deaths of 12 Japanese children, again linked to Tamiflu.

Yesterday's news swiftly prompted the FDA to update Tamiflu's label so it's more in line with the Japanese version that warns patients about abnormal behavior. No doubt, all these side effects are related to the fact Japan has used Tamiflu more often than any other country in the world (30 million prescription over the past five years compared to 8 million in the United States).

Sadly, every use of Tamiflu does more to line the pockets of fatcats like former Secretary Donald Rumsfeld than it protects you. If you follow my proven flu guidelines, however, you'll won't need Tamiflu or any other vaccine.

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