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Obesity Speeds the Return of Colon Cancer

With all the evidence that obesity typically leads to serious diseases, including various forms of cancer, is it any wonder the epidemic spreading all over the world may be responsible for a repeat bout of colon cancer and an increased risk of death too.

To pinpoint the relationship between obesity and colon cancer, scientists reviewed the medical data of some 4,300 colon cancer patients who underwent colon cancer surgery and were randomly assigned chemotherapy over more than 11 years. Patients with BMIs larger than 34 were prone by more than a third to have a tumor reoccur in comparison to those who maintained a normal weight. Moreover, the mortality risks for the morbidly obese were 28 percent higher.

An interesting factoid: Underweight patients experienced an increased risk of death too, however, from other forms of cancer, demonstrating that thin folks aren't necessarily healthier ones either.

All that said, you have a great many free tools available on my Web site to fight obesity and prevent cancer without drugs or surgery. And, most of my major recommendations for reducing your cancer risks can help you get a better handle on your weight too.

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