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Rage Can Be a Killer For Heart Patients

As you know, getting a handle on your emotions is one of the key variables that contributes to your good health and the proof is in all the physical problems that occur over time if you don't. Such is the case for heart patients equipped with implantable defibrillators who experience out-of-control emotions like rage.

Researchers monitored the physical and emotional health of some 1,200 heart patients scattered across the United States. During the two-year study, patients reported (by phone) any time their defibrillator shocked their heart to correct a possible arrhythmia, then filled out detailed reports about the experience and their emotions.

Of the 271 events reported, nearly 200 involved shocks delivered in response to ventricular fibrillation or tachycardia, problems that be can be life-ending ones if not treated by a shock within minutes. Almost 8 percent of those life-saving shocks occurred within an hour after a patient experienced at least a moderate level of anger. Rage or extreme anger more than doubled a patient's chances of his or her defibrillator activating too.

What's more, patients who were most prone to ventricular fibrillation or tachycardia had weaker hearts, were recent recipients of a defibrillator or had received shocks from such a device. More evidence proving, without a doubt, you must deal with your emotions or your physical health will suffer.

There are many safe and solid avenues with which to manage your emotions that don't require a drug:

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