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Taco Bell Joins the Trans Fat-Free Tidal Wave

As have its competitors Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell joined the ranks of trans fat-free, fast food restaurants today.

Changes on 15 of the chain's major food items (tacos, gorditas, chalupas and cinnamon twists) were inevitable, considering Taco Bell is owned by Kentucky-based Yum Brands, the very same parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken. One caveat: No mention was made about the beans and burritos Taco Bell makes, save its Grilled Stuffed Burrito that won't be making the switchover.

The switch from partially hydrogenated soybean oil to a trans-fat free canola oil will be made permanent by next spring at Taco Bell's 5,000 single-brand locations in the United States. If the rollout is successful, Taco Bell locations in other countries may consider the same switch.

Remember, folks, seeing is believing. McDonald's never delivered on its trans fat-free pledge made a long time ago and recent tests on French fries at a Wendy's location in New York were far higher than the company originally promised.

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