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Chocolate Milk: The Better Sports Drink?

Needless to say, I was quite surprised when I saw the headline recommending chocolate milk as a better alternative to teeth-dissolving sports drinks, especially when taking into account all the problems associated with drinking milk

After conducting informal tests years ago, scientists formally compared the dubious benefits of drinking chocolate milk against a drink not unlike Gatorade and a carbohydrate-replacement drink similar to Endurox R4 on athletes doing strenuous cycling. Although Gatorade held its own against chocolate milk after three tries, athletes worked more than 50 percent longer after consuming the anything-but-natural dairy protect than the carbohydrate drink.

That is, until I read the Dairy and Nutrition Council partially paid for the research conducted by Indiana University, which will likely prompt food manufacturers to spin this brand, spanking new "benefit" of processed, pasteurized milk in a variety of ways.

Organic or not, any milk you'll find in a grocery store is pasteurized, a process that eliminates most all the good bacteria normally present in milk and damages its fragile proteins, making it a far more harmful, than beneficial, substance to your health.

If you love milk, your healthiest choice is to find a raw milk source near you.

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