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A Scary Parody of Sleep Drugs

I was reminded of this awesome Consumers Union parody I posted last year, while watching this short and to the point Saturday Night Live snippet from Google Video: A hilarious spoof of Lunesta commercials, complete with the imaginary floating butterfly, as brilliantly improvised by Will Ferrell.

Lunesta is ripe for being skewered, considering the company that makes it (Sepracor) spent almost $200 million last year alone on media buys and its closest competitor -- the sleep-while-eating drug Ambien -- chipped in well over $100 million more.

Besides, the promised advantage of taking a sleep drug -- getting to sleep 15-20 minutes faster -- isn't at all a benefit, particularly when they're taken in combination with useless and possibly toxic antidepression medications like Prozac.

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Google Video June 25, 2006