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Break The Bread Trap

If you ever wondered how bread became so nutritionally-deficient and health-harming, you'll want to read a new article written by Dr. Colleen Huber.

For the longest time, wheat cultivation, spreading throughout much of the world by 4000 B.C., had sustained countless generations. That is, until its quality and antigenicity eroded some two centuries ago with the advent of "pure" wheat flour of such high gluten content that it was milled and refined into refined white flour, among the first of many processed substances signaling the beginning of all sorts of modern health perils patients face.

For example, when the gluten (the Greek word for glue) contained in the average piece of bread hits your intestines, it disrupts the absorption and breakdown of nutrients so much, you really gain little if anything from eating other healthier foods, in addition to bread, during the same meal.

At best, your body might tolerate bread's innate toxicity -- a constipating lump in your stomach -- at the very least. On the other hand, you may have celiac disease, a serious condition far more prevalent than many "experts" believe that can be treated easily by eliminating gluten and most grains from your daily diet.

Naturopathy Works November 2006