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Why Are Happy People Prescribed Antidepressants?

Despite all the evidence that antidepressants provide no meaningful benefit, many doctors reflexively turn to them anyway, even prescribing them for healthy people without emotional problems, according to this disturbing CNN report.

The thrust of the report is a personal story about a 29-year-old political lobbyist who was prescribed Wellbutrin -- one of 10 antidepressants cited in a FDA advisory last year for prompting signs of suicidal behavior -- more than two years ago to help him quit smoking.

Even though the lobbyist isn't depressed or smoking, he's been taking Wellbutrin ever since, a dangerous habit considering there's little knowledge about the drug's long-term effects. By the way, this same undepressed patient takes Ecstacy once a year too...

Fact is, there's absolutely no need to rely on an antidepressant to quit smoking, Aside from complete abstinence -- a tough thing for most folks -- the best and most and effective way to work with addictions and your out-of-control emotions is to learn how to use a tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique. Other safer options that have nothing to do with a drug:

CNN.com November 20, 2006