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Drug Cocktails Overmedicating American Children

Why so-called medical "experts" advocate dangerous and potentially toxic drug cocktails to treat psychiatric disorders in a growing number of children, all the while ignoring what's going on outside the doctor's office, is the gist of this alarming New York Times piece, once again singling out the use of multiple antidepressants nobody needs.

According to a Medco Health Solutions analysis, the numbers, by themselves, are a frightening glimpse at an insane solution:

  • Some 1.6 million children and teens take at least two psychiatric drugs, and close to 20 percent of them are under age 10.
  • More than 500,000 youngsters were prescribed three psychiatric medications.
  • More then 160,000 young people took four drugs.

These daily drug cocktails given to young people have little scientific basis in fact, even though a very few studies have shown a two-drug regimen may help adults. And, there's no scientific data supporting three or more drugs combined in a child's "cocktail" do any good either.

So, why do medical professionals -- well aware of FDA warnings about the elevated risk of suicidal behaviors -- still ignore all the danger signs, and parents given them permission to do so? In one instance, a child was prescribed Lamictal, even though he doesn't suffer from seizures and the drug by itself can cause life-harming rashes.

I suspect it has to do with relying on professionals who believe in throwing virtually any drug at a problem and government programs supporting these insane decisions, no matter how dangerous it might be to a child in the long-term. Which makes it all the more tragic medical professionals ignore safer, healthier solutions like fish oil and krill oil.

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