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Drug Lobbyists on the Run After Democratic Midterm Shift

Last year, I warned you how the drug company cartel, led by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), bought influence in Congress and the White House. Apparently, the recent Congressional shift to the Democratic party after the midterm elections has the PhRMA and drug companies scrambling to protect what gains they've made with the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and scaring consumers from buying Canadian drugs.

It won't be easy for the PhRMA either, considering many lobbyists believe the House will probably pass legislation to lower prescription drug prices. Unfortunately for consumers, a logjam may occur in the Senate where Democrats hold a very slight edge, allowing President Bush to veto any proposed changes.

Among the strategies that are already part of a PhRMA battle plan anticipating Congressional problems, includes hiring or recruiting lobbyists with ties to Democrats currently serving in Congress. Evidently, money is no object in this fight: Drug makers already spend $100 million on D.C. lobbying.

Expect the fight between drug companies and the new majority in Congress to be very bitter considering Republicans and the drug cartel largely excluded Democrats from working on the Medicare drug plan, a classic example of waste that may exceed $1 trillion.

Stories like this keep me motivated in the pursuit of my vision to help others achieve optimal wellness without the need for useless, toxic drugs or surgeries.

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