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Nanotechnology Finally Being Regulated by EPA

As nanotechnology creeps into other not-so-great areas that can affect your health -- lip gloss, canola oil, food storage containers and sunscreens -- for the worse, the EPA made its first move this week to regulate it.

The agency plans to change federal policies so manufacturers are required to provide scientific proof their need to use nanosilver -- now used in food storage containers, air fresheners and washing machines -- to eradicate germs won't harm humans or aquatic life or bacteria our bodies need.

Unfortunately, the EPA plan doesn't call for overseeing all nanomaterials than can be a small as a tiny particle inside the head of a pin. And, the FDA hasn't made a final decision about regulating nanomaterials (although they are considering it).

Like the invisibility cloak, nanotechnology will, no doubt, be exciting, and change our lives and health care as we know it.

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