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The Link Grows Between Enough Sleep and Obesity

Interesting how more studies are surfacing that establish a link between sleeping and obesity, including this latest research that monitored the sleep patterns of some 68,000 baby-boomer women (participating in the Nurses Health Study) for 16 years.

Women who reported they slept five hours or less per night 20 years ago, were more prone to gain weight over the course of the study than those who slept at least seven hours a night, if not more.

Although the extra weight, in many cases, was modest, some of the sleep-deprived gained more than 30 pounds (and had a slightly higher chance of becoming obese as they aged). Even more compelling evidence about the sleep-obesity link: The amount of physical activity and food women ate (women who get less sleep consume less food) didn't matter.

Just remember, while the lack of sleep is usually the problem, like most things, too much of it is also very problematic, increasing your risk for type 2 diabetes. And, leptin could be the focal point that connects diabetes, sleep issues and obesity.

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