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Can Cellular Phones Destroy Your DNA?

There's no argument cellular phones are one of the handiest devices around, but they also may be the source of all sorts of health problems, exposing your body to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), if not used properly. A pair of new studies show how cellular phones harm fruit flies and affects the motility of human sperm.

In the former study, Greek scientists learned how exposing fruit flies to two kinds of mobile phone radiation -- GSM 900 MHz and DCS 1800 MHz -- for just a few minutes a day over the first six days of their adult lives caused cellular death, breaking down a great number of egg chambers due to DNA fragmentation of their constituent cells.

In the latter, exposure to electromagnetic radiation caused a subtle decrease in the movement of rapid progressive and slow progressive sperm and increased the lack of motility of sperm movement (although sperm concentration wasn't affected).

Without a doubt, both studies justify the great care that should be taken with cellular phones as well as those of the cordless variety. The best thing you could do for your health and body: Put some distance between your body and your cellular phone, either, by using the speakerphone feature or a headset that offers extra protection like the model I sell in my Web store.

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