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Use Your Cell Phone to Help You Find Best Deal While Shopping in Store

Did you spend your Thanksgiving weekend navigating the malls and shopping centers fighting with strangers for "special deals" on all sorts of low- and high-tech toys, clothes, books and such? And, when it was all said and done, do you really feel that you saved any money?

If the answer to the latter question is in the negative, the next time you find an impulse item at the mall worth buying, use your mobile phone to call Frucall and check out the real lowest price.

Just dial (888) 363-7822, key in the number on the bottom of any UPC code, and Frucall will tell you if it's the cheapest price. If it isn't, you'll be given a list of online stores that sell the item for less (including shipping costs). And, it remembers your phone number on subsequent calls so you don't have to hear the introduction every time.

I tried this service with a book and CD, and both times I was given prices that were lower (in the case of the CD very incrementally) than the listed prices. One caveat: You're limited to Frucall's online partners for price-matching, so you may not find a cheaper price, but it does work, and fast too. And, above all, it's free!

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