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LASIK May Ruin Your Sight As You Age

As the popularity and convenience of LASIK surgery has grown, so have the problems associated with such procedures that can permanently damage your eyesight. So much so, New Zealand researchers are warning tens of thousands of Kiwis may have "defective" eyesight -- meaning problems with haze, glare and blurry vision -- in their later years as a consequence of laser eye surgery.

The problem is a matter of positioning and movement of corneal cells that affect a patient's sight after the surgery. In the untouched eye, these corneal cells at the top and bottom meet just below the pupil in an area called the Hudson-Stahli Line. As you age, this line grows but it doesn't affect your vision, unless you've had a LASIK procedure.

After surgery, the corneal cells on the top of the eye move more slowly than before, meeting the migrating bottom cells instead in front of the pupil, causing immediate haziness. Researchers fear this new positioning of the Hudson-Stahli Line will create even more haze and glare issues as patients age, problems that can't be repaired.

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New Zealand Herald November 26, 2006