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Surprising Factors That Contribute To Obesity

According to a recent article in the International Journal of Obesity, there is too much emphasis on diet and exercise being the factors for causing obesity and there are other lesser known but critical factors that are being completely ignored.

These factors include:

1. Too Little Sleep

Research shows that sleep deprivation leads to increased hunger and appetite.

2. Pollutants

Many of the toxins in our environment mimic the hormone estrogen which leads to increased fat deposition.

3. Comfortable Temperatures

Before the invention of air conditioning and central heating, people had to use up energy to keep warm or cool which decreased fat. Now that we have the capacity to keep our homes 72F at all times, we do not have this opportunity to burn fat.

4. Not Smoking

Smokers tend to weight less than non-smokers and the smoking rates have decreased by 6% in the last decade.

5. Medications

Antidepressants, anticonvulsants, antidiabetics, antihypertensives, contraceptives and antihistamines have all been linked to weight gain.

6. Age

Due to hormonal and metabolic changes, men and women put on weight after age 35.

7. Age Of Your Mom When You Were Born

One reason for this is that as the mother ages she is less able to pass on optimal levels of fat regulating proteins to her offspring.

8. Low birth weight

Low-birth weight followed by the rapid catch-up growth may increase the risk of obesity.

9. Your Genes

Animal and human research suggests that your percent body fat may be inherited.

10. Your Parents' Mate

Since overweight people tend to pair up with each other, this dramatically increases the risk of obesity when both parents are overweight.