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10 Steps to Being Happier and Healthier

Considering one of the more potent ways to optimize your health -- creating more happiness in your life -- beats disease naturally, shouldn't you be doing all you can to manifest positive emotions?

Folks, a bigger paycheck may make your bank account fatter, but it doesn't do a thing for your self-esteem, especially if you're already feeling low. And, all the success in the world means absolutely nothing, if you perceive that you have next to no control over your own destiny.

Want to create positive emotions, but don't know where to begin? What follows is a sampling of 10 sure-fire ways to bring happiness back, naturally, spiritually and without a drug. After pondering a few of the highlights, hit the link below for the rest.

  • Be grateful to the people around you.
  • Cut out perfectionism, as no one in this wonderful world of ours in perfect.
  • Take time to help others who need it.
  • Forget regrets, stay in the present and constantly reassess your priorities.
  • Schedule some daily down time to relax, work on a hobby or meditate.

Alternative Therapies and Health News November 27, 2006

Psychology Today