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We Are Making a Difference: Pfizer Slashes Once Untouchable Drug Sales Force

Along this path many of you are taking along with me to reform the current state of medicine from the reflexive practice of throwing needless drugs and procedures at a symptom (and hoping for a "cure") to getting at the real cause of a problem and treating it without surgeries or drugs, I'm seeing more encouraging signs this movement of ours is growing.

The latest indication: Despite generating billions merely from owning the rights to the world's best-selling drug, Pfizer will slash its drug sales force in the United States by 20 percent before year's end.

Business analysts insist these cuts have been spurred on by the loss of various patents on drugs like Zoloft. Once upon a time, however, Pfizer's sales force of 11,000 had been considered untouchable and one of its greatest strengths to put the newer, more expensive drugs -- that are just as useless as the older ones they replaced -- in the hands of your physician.

But we know better... and a few more drugmakers are beginning to get it too!

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