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America: Freedom to Fascism

This recent documentary on the IRS shows the main purpose of the federal income tax is to redistribute wealth and control society, not to raise revenue. It is a tool that allows them to manipulate and control the population and put them in a role of servitude.

This movie was in the theaters this summer but has now been uploaded to the web so if you want to save yourself the rental fee you can now watch this nearly two hour movie for free on Google Video.  You might have already been exposed to this material, but if you have it is always good to review it. If you haven't seen or read these arguments then you need to see this movie to have a clear understanding of what the US government has progressed to.

The film helps explain some of the philosophical positions that has allowed the US to have companies produce essentially unregulated drugs that kill tens of thousands of individuals and worse yet unleash unjustified involvements in Iraq that are costing our country over a trillion dollars and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Do yourself a favor and watch this film.

America: Freedom to Fascism