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Fluoride Now Allowed to Poison Bottled Water

Up to now, patients could rely on bottled water in a pinch to help them avoid all the health problems -- among them cancer, muscle degeneration, genetic disorders and low IQs -- associated with fluoridation. Not any more, however, after the FDA's latest health-harming decision to approve the fluoridation of bottled water.

No surprise, the agency's reason for justifying the poisoning of bottled water -- nothing more than preventing cavities -- was lauded by the American Dental Association, although there's been a huge drop in tooth decay among those who don't drink fluoridated water.

And, what about recent CDC findings that close to a third of all American children experience dental fluorosis, causing the mottling and pitting of their teeth? Dental fluorosis is merely the first of fluoride's many side effects, and an indicator other tissues may be affected too.

Your best bet to avoid fluoride: Drinking water from your own well or a municipal source that's sifted first through a reverse osmosis filter.

BevNET November 28, 2006