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Real Reason Why Raw Milk Was Banned In California

The Los Angeles Times is the latest mainstream media source to pick up on what we're doing to change the face of health into a safer one that diagnoses and treats conditions naturally. I was pleased to find them refer to me as a naturopathic guru. Too bad, it's in connection with another in the growing number of stories linked to the government's heavy-handed approach to raw milk.

So much so, California officials attempted to blame the owner/farmer of Organic Pastures Dairy for a sub-strain of E. coli bacteria (O157:H7) that seriously sickened five children, even though he'd virtually eliminated the main source of the problem (switching from corn to homegrown organic alfalfa for his cows' food).

No surprise, health officials tested samples at the farmer's dairy twice, but eventually lifted the quarantine on the man's farm and livelihood. Once again, his raw milk would sit on grocery store shelves in California, competing next to "organic" brands that are as health-harming and pasteurized as the conventional varieties sold in most grocery stores.

The benefits of drinking raw milk are more than obvious, just as the ridiculous attempts by many to so-called "experts" to dispel them. Just a reminder, you can find a local provider of raw milk near you by visiting the Real Milk site.

Los Angeles Times December 3, 2006