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Take This Free Lifespan Test to Learn How Long You Can Live

I've become even more convinced, as of late, in the mounting evidence that the maximum limit to human life is growing, and optimizing your health with a regimen like the Total Health Program can naturally enhance and extend it. But for how long?

A friend and former classmate of mine, Dr. Ronald Klatz, considered by many to be the "Guru of Anti-Aging Medicine," has developed a quick way to find out with his Lifespan Test based on answers to 19 basic questions about personal factors (your current health and dietary habits plus family history).

On the right side of the same page are a list of seven Superlongevity Factors (among them stem cell therapy, nanotechnology and gene therapy), that, based on your answers, can extend your life even longer if you choose to activate them.

Just how important are those factors? My life expectancy came to 105 without the Superlongevity Factors, but increased to 175 based on all the factors being activated within the suggested time frames.