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The Health-Harming Confusion About Saturated Fats

Apparently, there's even some doubt among experts in naturopathic medicine about the huge difference between saturated fats and trans fats and how they contribute to type 2 diabetes, according to an interesting column by Dr. Mary Enig.

As Dr. Enig describes, health professionals often choose the wrong studies by which to justify their erroneous opinions like ones cited from the British Journal of Nutrition and Diabetologia, as both lump saturated fats together with trans fats.

A century ago, when our diets were rich in saturated fats, type 2 diabetes didn't exist. What's more, diabetes didn't become a major epidemic in America until people began moving toward diets heavy in processed, trans fats-laden fast foods that expanded their waistlines and destroyed their health.

No doubt, your body needs some saturated fats to stay healthy. The trick: Getting your saturated fats from healthier food sources that aren't highly processed or contaminated with trans fats, something you probably won't find at your neighborhood fast food restaurant.

For most of us, that means spending some serious time in the kitchen preparing healthier foods, but it can be done and on a budget too.

Green Clippings December 2, 2006