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Consumers Saved From Pfizer's Latest Life-Ending Drug

Taking into account all the recent hoopla in the media about torcetrapib, one of the wackiest drugs I've ever seen, last weekend's decision by Pfizer to put an end to the trials of its controversial cholesterol drug -- at a loss of nearly $1 BILLION in development costs -- wasn't surprising at all.

In fact, considering 82 patients had already died in one clinical trial after taking torcetrapib (the 51 who didn't take it survived), you can make a strong argument Pfizer should've cancelled the test a whole lot sooner than last weekend.

What alarms and disturbs me the most is the obvious pro-drug slant taken in both of these New York Times pieces. Simply put, the end of torcetrapib was positioned as the "tragic loss" of a valuable drug-based tool to fight heart disease -- and potentially one of the biggest selling drugs in history -- instead of the lifesaving decision it truly was. Then again, fighting heart disease with any sort of drug is a prescription for disaster...

No need to wait for a pill to raise your body's levels of good cholesterol, as making healthy lifestyle changes -- getting the right amount of exercise and revising your eating habits based on your body's unique nutritional type -- will accomplish the same thing, safely and effectively.

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