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Taking Ownership Of Your Health IS Alternative Medicine!

Taking responsibility for your health through a safer, alternative route other than the normal fatally flawed conventional paradigm, as you know, is a simple concept that can often produce dynamic results. If you're still on the fence about moving away from drugs and medical procedures tailored to empty your pocketbooks at the expense of your health, however, you'll still enjoy reviewing this transcript, as I did, from a recent talk by author and law professor Butler Shafer.

Taking responsibility for your own health comes down to "self-ownership," or, in other words, WHO owns you. The evil marketing geniuses who run the multi-national pharmaceutical drug cartel believe they do, and it's hard to blame them. They certainly spend enough to buy your attention as well as bend the ear of your physician.

Shafer also describes a personal experience in his family having to do with the recent loss of a newborn grandson who was stillborn that led to revelations about umbilical cord accidents (that are more common than you might think) and how they can be managed so young mothers won't lose another child.

Coming to my Web site and reviewing the many thousands of articles posted here clearly means you've taken the first important step: Searching for answers. That's a good thing. And, studies have shown patients who take better ownership for their own health typically have better outcomes too.

LewRockwell.com December 2, 2006