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The Top 13 Health Conditions Searched For The Most on the Internet

Some 33 million consumers surfed the Internet over the third quarter of 2006 (July-September) -- a jump of some 13 percent over last year -- for information about prescription medications for a specific health condition, according to the latest report from comScore Networks ranking the top 13 treatment categories.

If you guessed Web sites devoted to the treatment of depression topped the list (62 percent higher than number two) you're right on the money.

Two-thirds of those Internet users were researching drug information as it related to their own health conditions, a hopeful sign people may be taking better responsibility for their own health decisions and are not being suckered by the drug-addicted excuse that passes for conventional medicine in America.

The top five conditions following depression (see the link below for the entire list), along with some links to safer, gentler ways to treat them, all of which don't include a prescription drug:

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