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It is Possible! We Can Shut Down McDonald's With Our Economic Votes!

You're probably as surprised and pleased as I am to learn there's one less McDonald's restaurant in the world, even if it's in the UK. Citing struggling sales, the company franchise in the town of Tavistock closes tomorrow after a seven-year-run. Of course, the commonly cited poor "trading patterns" excuse is only a small part of the larger reason.

Local agriculture had a lot to do with it, as Tavistock has earned many honors over the years for the quality of its home-grown food. By the way, one local chairman of the town's EatWise program reports business at the local Mickey D's fell sharply about 18 months ago after local schools introduced healthier food menus, surely an anathema to McDonald's.

With some 1,250 locations alone in the UK, one store closure won't hurt McDonald's very much. But it's not often that local farmers selling their wares at a local market albeit one of the best in Britain can outsell, outwork and outwit a multi-national food empire clear out of town...

To start a food revolution of your own and enjoy the many benefits of organic foods, I urge you to review a links page I posted earlier this year to help you find wholesome foods in your region.

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