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The 7 Children's Cold Myths

With winter finally digging in for the next few months, you may be hearing all sorts of advice from family members and strangers about how to treat a cold or flu, especially if you're a parent of a child with a runny nose. To that end, CNN has come up with a list of seven children's health myths when it comes to treating colds parents should avoid. Among them:

  • Colds cause ear infections.
  • You're most contagious before symptoms appear.
  • Starve a fever and feed a cold.
  • A diet of bananas, toast, applesauce and rice is the best "cure" for diarrhea.

Although most are myths, there's one listing -- It's best not to treat mild fevers -- that's misleading, because a slight fever should help your child get rid of a virus more quickly. As long as your child's temperature remains below 102 F, there's really no need to lower it either.

Remember, a virus may be a contributing factor in catching a cold, but it's a weakened immune system hurt by stress, a poor diet and not enough sleep that makes all the difference in the world. One of the best steps you can take to keep your family healthy: Following the Total Health Program so you don't have to worry about colds or useless and deadly vaccines.

CNN.com December 7, 2006