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The Healing Properties of Honey

Interesting that as medical technology races to find the next "cure" that may kill you anyway, a growing amount of research is taking the more natural road less traveled and finding impressive results, not unlike a bandage made from shrimp shells that promotes clotting.

Along those same lines, researchers in the UK are testing the effect of a particular kind of honey made only in New Zealand on 60 patients suffering from mouth and throat cancer to promote healing and limit their risk of contracting bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics.

This avenue certainly makes great sense, particularly in light of Australian research that, among other results, found honey hastened the healing of 15 mothers after Caesarean sections, eradicating any need to restitch their wounds.

The specific kind of honey British researchers are using, produced by bees who feed on Manuka bushes, believed to have special anti-infection and anti-inflammatory properties. Time will tell if honey produced in a far away land or in your back yard will have any real value, however.

If you're considering using honey to treat a condition, it should be raw honey, but be very, very careful about it and use it only in moderation.

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