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Choosing the Best Organic Foods in a Grocery Store Can be Tough

With the growing number of mainstream grocery stores selling organic foods and, on occasion, running out of them, making the right choices for your health may be easier said than done, some experts say.

Some advocates believe some "organic" food producers are cutting corners just to boost their profits, a fact I couldn't agree with more. There's no great offender these days than Wal-Mart, whose organic milk, for instance, comes from large factory farms, not to mention it's pasteurized.

A proven method experts suggest to help a consumer spot the best food selections for their health in a grocery store: Learning how to read food labels and produce stickers. Besides, reviewing product information helps you understanding the health-harming difference between, for example, conventional vegetables and those grown without pesticides, sewage sludge, genetic modification and ionizing radiation.

An even better option is to find local sources of wholesome, healthy foods that support the environment and your community. A recent article, listing several great online resources, can help you locate a convenient source near you.

Yahoo News December 10, 2006