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Trapped in Quicksand: Not a Worst-Case Scenario

If you enjoyed last week's post on worst case scenarios, you'll certainly appreciate this short how-to manual on how to get out of quicksand, a real world problem that isn't as dangerous as we've been lead to believe from old jungle movies.

Fact is, just about any stretch of sand or silt can become quicksand temporarily if it's saturated with water and subjected to the kind of vibrations that occur during an earthquake, and you won't be able to see it either.

Your best defense against getting stuck in quicksand: Carrying a big stick to test the ground in front of you and walking softly, ideally with shoes, not boots. Should you find yourself stuck in quicksand anyway, the best things you can do are to relax and take your time in getting out. Again, unlike the jungle movies, quicksand is usually no more than a couple of feet deep, so panicking may cause you to sink.

wikiHow December 12, 2006