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The Natural Power of Exercise Beats Colon Cancer

If you remain unconvinced exercise is one of your more natural and effective weapons in significantly reducing your cancer risks, consider this interesting study from a scientific collective known as the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC).

Based on data collected from more than 400,000 Europeans, more physically active patients reduced their risk of colon cancer by an average 22 percent. But that's not all: Those who were the most active cut their risk of tumors developing on the right sides of their colons by more than a third. And patients who maintained a healthy BMI and maintained an active exercise program slashed their cancer risks even more.

Why all the interest in cancer risks on the right side of the colon? Of the more than 21,000 cases of colon cancer diagnosed annually in the UK, about half of the colon tumors are found there.

However, too much exercise, and you run the risk of serious health problems as marathoners have. On the other hand, not enough exercise, and you may be wasting your time. That's why it's important to treat exercise like a drug that must be carefully prescribed to achieve the best results.

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