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Strengthen Your Bones With Exercise AND a Healthy Diet

To show you once again how the combination of exercise and a good diet can help you beat the obesity epidemic and prevent osteoporosis, favoring one over the other may lead to loss of bone density, according to a new study.

Scientists divided 48 patients into three groups -- Nineteen assigned to a calorie-restricted diet, an equal number following the same diet while starting an exercise program and 10 healthy controls -- for the year-long study.

The big surprise wasn't so much that patients following a calorie-restricted diet lost more weight (18 pounds) than those in the exercise group (nearly 15 pounds). Patients in the diet ground lost more than 2 percent of their average bone density in the lower spines, hips and top ends of their femurs, all high-risk areas for fractures.

An optimized healthy diet in addition to, and not to the exclusion of, an exercise program can make a world of difference to your bones and health. If bone density is a specific worry of yours, increase your intake of vegetables based on your body's unique nutritional type.

As far as exercise, starting it can be the most difficult thing of all, which is why my beginner's exercise page features links to plenty of other free resources on my Web site, including a downloadable table to track your progress.

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