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What Company Covered Up the Health Risks of Its Top Selling Drug For a Decade?

Evidently, Evista isn't the only drug that will cause embarrassing problems this year for Eli Lilly, based on a decade-long scam the mega-drugmaker concocted to protect its number one seller, Zyprexa, according to a New York Times piece.

Evidently, Lilly executives hid a pair of side effects -- large weight gains and elevated blood sugar -- both hallmarks of diabetes, a disease that can eliminate 15 years from your life, according to documents from an attorney representing patients in a lawsuit.

In fact, Lilly reminded its drug sales force, minions of the evil marketing geniuses who try to keep your bathroom cabinets full of drugs you don't need, to conveniently play down reports Zyprexa had been responsible for patients gaining as much as 100 pounds, or more after taking it.

No wonder Lilly has been so focused on protecting Zyprexa: A month's supply of the older perhphenazine is $60, while Zyprexa costs more than $500 for a comparable supply.

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