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How Monsanto Poisons Science at the Cost of Your Health

If you believe, as I do, the mega-drug cartel is truly evil, the behind-the-scenes business tactics used by Monsanto to poison our foods with genetically modified (GM) replacements make them look like Mother Teresa. So, how did Monsanto ever come to wield so much power?

This frightening story from David Icke.com describes one of the primary strategies behind Monsanto's successful business practices: Confusing the argument against GM foods, for example, by peppering the debate with "science-speak" to muddy any clear representation of the facts before the hazards are ever realized.

Part and parcel of this strategy and Monsanto's success has been finding "independent" scientists willing to sell the company line, like the late Sir Richard Doll who was paid handsomely for two decades by the company to defend such monstrosities as Agent Orange.

However, if you were on the "wrong" side of the debate, as Dr. Arpad Pusztai was, your career as a world renowned expert in GM foods would eventually be in shambles, all thanks to the Monsanto's multi-national influence.

Above all, don't be confused about the global GM blight that taints some 70 percent of the processed foods you find at your corner grocery store. Before you go shop for foods again, do your homework by reviewing my tips for staying clear of GM foods.

Can You Really Trust Monsanto? -- How They Corrupted Science