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The Amazing Uses for ChapStick

Can you imagine the inventor of lip balm gave up the patent some 20 years after creating ChapStick for the princely sum of $5? Maybe, that's hard to believe until you learn the original inventor sold it in the form of a wickless candle wrapped in tinfoil. It wasn't until John Morton bought it in 1912, however, that very same lip balm evolved into ChapStick, and all due to selling it in small brass tubes...

If you appreciate science as much as I do, you'll enjoy reading about the many interesting uses for ChapStick. My favorite is stopping bleeding after shaving as I use soap and lather and a VERY sharp straight razor for a close shaving that once  every week to two is too close.

You can scroll down the unique list, then hit the link below for the rest.

  • Cleaning car battery terminals to prevent corrosion.
  • Lubricating a zipper.
  • Shining leather shoes.
  • Stopping bleeding after shaving.
  • Removing a ring stuck on your finger.

Associated Content December 19, 2006