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Does Drinking Alcohol Prevent RA?

Seems more evidence is emerging about the dubious "health benefits" of consuming moderate amounts of alcohol than ever before, with Swedish researchers now claiming it may prevent rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

After being injected with collagen (that spurs the onset of RA), mice were fed either untreated tap water or water spiked with 10 percent pure alcohol for up to eight weeks. Alcohol slowed down the onset of RA in mice and reduced the severity of symptoms once they appeared.

How alcohol may work: It boosts the production of testosterone (that inhibits the release of cytokines that cause inflammation) and acetaldehyde (produced when the body processes alcohol). Yet, why would anyone want to consume alcohol at all, knowing that doing so left them more vulnerable to various and preventable cancers?

Because the alcohol contained in beverages like red wine is poisonous and can harm your body's delicate hormonal balance, I strongly urge you to stay away from this dubious "treatment," and consider healthier, safer solutions like my RA protocol, a modified version of Dr. Thomas Brown's groundbreaking regimen.

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