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Obesity Tops All Childhood Health Concerns

Perhaps, parents are starting to get the message about childhood obesity, after ignoring it for so many years, according to this latest survey from the Endocrine Society and Research!America.

Childhood obesity topped all major health concerns among kids in a poll of some 800 adults at 27 percent, yet only 9 percent cited the lack of nutrition as a concern, even though the two are undeniably linked.

The survey respondents certainly understood where the epidemic of childhood obesity begins: Virtually everyone polled (98 percent) acknowledged parents were primarily responsible for addressing it. Surprisingly, respondents believed individuals (96 percent) shared in the responsibility for curbing obesity.

That said, it's almost impossible to expect children to make better health choices -- cutting out sugary sweet drinks, getting more exercise and watching less TV -- without guidance from their parents who may be blind to their health problems in the first place.

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