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Can You Avoid Cloned Meats?

Just under the radar of many media types celebrating the holiday season -- thankfully not all of them -- the FDA's approval of cloned milk and meats for sale in your neighborhood grocery store is expected to happen sometime this week.

The federal agency set the stage for their expected approval of Frankenstein meats and milk with a report that found "the composition of meat and milk from clones is within the compositional ranges of meat and milk consumed in the U.S." The fact remains, however, would you ever want to consume milk or meat within those bare compositional ranges for your health?

Unfortunately, if you eat beef from conventional sources, there's a possibility you've already sampled a Frankenstein-like food, thanks to some ranchers who looked the other way when the FDA imposed a voluntary moratorium on cloned beef five years ago. Some ranchers admit cloned cattle have made it into the food chain and, quite possibly, your dinner table...

Although a majority of Americans still believe they've never eaten a genetically modified food -- at least 70 percent of the processed foods you'll find in a grocery store are made with them -- they really do care about where their foods come from. That's why finding local sources for your food remains your safest and best bet for protecting your health.

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