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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Complicates Your Pregnancy

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) -- think Crohn's disease or colitis -- are so damaging, they can double a woman's risks for complications during her pregnancy.

The facts speak for themselves, based on an analysis of 12 studies published over the past two decades. tracking the poor health of some 4,000 women with IBD (the majority suffered from Crohn's) compared to more than 320,000 healthy controls:

  • Moms with IBD prematurely delivered their babies about twice as often as healthy moms.
  • They were 150 percent more likely to opt for a Caesarean, not a wise choice at all.
  • The rate of congenital birth defects more than doubled among babies born to moms with IBD.

If you're fighting IBD, there's plenty of ways to treat it safely and naturally, including daily doses of a high quality fish or krill oil.

Gut December 21, 2006

Science Daily December 26, 2006