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More Deception -- Processed Foods Are NOT a Good Source of Omega-3

As I've said for a very long time, rebalancing your intake of omega-3 fats is the smartest thing you can do to optimize your health to fight cancer and prevent heart disease.

Evidently food marketers have gotten the hint, as some 250 processed food products were "improved" with the addition of fish oil or flax seeds last year, and more coming in the new year, according to USA Today. Among the food products now containing omega-3 fats:

  • Butter substitutes
  • Dairy products
  • Pet foods
  • Orange juice

Fish oil is the single most important food you can use to optimize your health and diet. Just don't go looking for omega-3 fats of any value in your morning breakfast cereal or any other processed food.

The problem is a matter of balance. Your body was never designed to handle isolated free fatty acids out of balance with the way they are consumed in nature, meaning more DHA and no EPA is a long-term prescription for disaster. Without a doubt, the very best source of omega-3s you can consume: A high quality fish oil or krill oil.

USA Today January 1, 2007