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Why Do Americans Favor Government, Big Business Regulating Obesity?

No surprise, a phone survey of more than 1,100 Americans found patients are more than willing to allow big business and the U.S. government to regulate the epidemic of obesity, even though neither one wants any part of it.

By the numbers:

  • Almost three-fourths of the respondents believe companies should provide discounted health care insurance to workers who maintain a healthy weight.
  • About the same number of people support a mandate that insurance companies pay for obesity treatments -- likely gastric bypass procedures that do far more harm than good -- and prevention.
  • An amazing 85 percent believe employers should receive tax breaks for making exercise space available to employees.

Folks, don't expect anything to change, especially since any move by giant junk food manufacturers to alter the way they do business is more than likely voluntary, worthless and full of loopholes, just like the one "regulating" soft drinks in schools.

So, do you want your health to be managed by a nameless, faceless entity that would sooner prescribe drugs or dangerous surgeries that fatten their pocketbooks, and have no effect on your health whatsoever? The simpler, safer approach -- taking ownership for your health care decisions -- is indeed the road less traveled, but the better path for you and your family.

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