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Don't Let Organic Food Packaging Fool You!

Perhaps, the mainstream media and more consumers are becoming a bit more aware, as you are, that slapping an organic label on just about any food product you find in a grocery store is likely to be an eye-catcher, but doesn't magically transform it -- think an organic version of Rice Krispies -- into a healthier one.

The practice of branding a processed food as natural or organic, called greenwashing, involves a number of marketing tricks, according to this according to this interesting New York Times essay.

Take, for example, friendly animals displaying human traits like cows on cartons of Horizon Organic Milk dancing a jig, even though the milk is pasteurized and some organic experts argue Horizon cows don't see much pasture... The same can be said for images of an oversized vegetable or a folksy country farm or packaging with the word NATURAL in bold letters, promoting a false sense of safety where none really exists.

Some advertising experts believe the organic trend may be coming to an end very soon, especially with the wake-up call of products like NATURAL Cheetos hitting grocery store shelves. Others predict the greenwashing trend may linger for up to five years before consumers begin to demand to know more about the food products they buy.

Your best option to protect your health and pocketbook: Find whole food sources near you.

New York Times January 3, 2007 Registration Required