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Is a Refrigerated Flu Vaccine Any Better Than a Frozen One?

The latest version of FluMist -- a refrigerated vaccine that's not frozen -- may soon be a financial boon to Maryland-based MedImmune, of course, with a little help from the FDA.

Yesterday's decision by the FDA to approved the refrigerated FluMist will, no doubt, expand the possible venues the product can be used to include schools, grocery stores and pharmacies. And, if the FDA approves the company's requests to expand the age-range for FluMist beyond healthy patients ages 5-49 to include younger children (ages 1-5) and older adults, MedImmune's market could grow exponentially.

The new formulation is expected to be available in August for the 2007-08 flu season, but not for the current one, which may explain why MedImmune, in conjunction with state officials, gave away 250,000 doses of their useless vaccine to inoculate Maryland elementary school children last summer.

Fact is, "new and improved" versions of the same toxic drug don't make this flu vaccine any safer or necessary than established drugs that aren't any good either. Your best bet for preventing or fighting the flu safely and effectively: Follow my seven-step protocol.

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