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The Latest Genetically Modified Food: Hollow Celery Used as Straws

Genetically modified (GM) crops may be a prescription for disaster that could, one day, represent the single greatest health threat known to man. Unfortunately, many Americans still aren't as skeptical about them as they should be, and products like the one pictured to the right serve only to the blur their indifference.

Developed by Florida-based Duda Farm Fresh Foods, this obvious genetically engineered variation of celery with a hollow center was formulated to be served as edible straws or swizzle sticks with drinks.

Granted, some applications of GM foods are probably less harmful than others. Nevertheless, clearly creating soybeans that can be drowned in pesticides for their?growth guarantees that you will have toxic, pesticide-laden soybeans.?Terminator genes that cause seed to reproduce are also potentially?able to eliminate the human species, if the genes spread.

People must exert caution with ALL GMO foods as there simply is not? adequate research that documents their safety. And, what few studies do exist clearly demonstrate these concerns.

Neatorama January 6, 2007