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Americans Are Finally Starting to Catch On to Deceptive Marketing

Another indication my vision to reconfigure and reform the deadly state of conventional health care in America is a bit closer to becoming a reality: A new PricewaterhouseCoopers report citing a declining trust in the reputation of the mega-pharmaceuticals.

Just to demonstrate how opinions among consumers and various industry industry stakeholders (doctors, researchers, health insurers and policymakers) regarding the mega-pharmaceuticals have soured so dramatically, only the reputation of the oil industry fell more steeply in the eyes of the public.

Among the study's lowlights, that is, for drug companies:

  • More than 60 percent of industry stakeholders believe drug companies manipulate or suppress negative clinical trials to maximize sales.
  • Almost all the consumers surveyed (94 percent) and most stakeholders (81 percent) feel drug companies promote their toxic products far too aggressive when it comes to unapproved uses.
  • Although a vast majority of industry stakeholders fool themselves into believing a patient's health needs come first, consumer opinions are nearly evenly split between need (55 percent) and developing newer and not-any-better drugs or "lifestyle" concoctions with better sales potential.

Keep up the good work, folks. But, please be aware, the battle is merely beginning...

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