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Tame a Colicky Baby With a High Quality Probiotic

There's probably few things more worrisome to mothers, both young and old, than a crying, colicky baby. Fortunately, the same natural treatment that may prevent childhood allergies -- a high quality probiotic -- does wonders to lessen colic.

For 28 days, Italian researchers compared the effect of the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri on colic versus simethicone (the over-the-counter drug commonly called Mylanta) on 83 breast-fed infants, during which their mothers also avoided consuming any dairy products.

Daily crying times for babies treated with the probiotic lessened by 74 percent from an average 159 minutes on day seven to an amazing 51 minutes by day 28, blowing away the simethicone group, as colicky crying times dropped from 177 minutes a day to just 145 minutes by day 28 (a 26 percent change).

Scientists speculate a probiotic worked far better than simethicone because it contributed to an overall anti-inflammatory effect in a baby's intestines that modulated immune responses in the gut. And, with all the bacteria existing in our guts, it's not surprising that balancing a baby's developing gut flora has such a beneficial effect. Total health begins in the gut, so if your GI tract isn't in optimal health, your overall health will be compromised.

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Nutra Ingredients USA.com January 10, 2007