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America's Arthritis Costs Skyrocket Along With Obesity

No surprise, as the plague of obesity in America sends health care costs into the stratosphere, the tab for arthritis and related conditions has exploded to $128 billion, according to the latest estimates for 2003 from the CDC.

In fact, the direct costs associated with arthritis in 2003 alone rose to about $81 billion, or slightly less than the $86 million the United States spent entirely on arthritis in 1997! Indirect costs for the latest estimates -- taking into account variables like lost wages -- amounted to $47 billion.

Even worse, 46 million Americans sought treatment for arthritis and other rheumatic conditions in 2003, a number expect expected to climb by 8 million by 2015.

These frightening numbers have everything to do with the government recommending Americans turn to self-management programs to better handle their pain. Fortunately, you have plenty of safe, healthy options on Web site to manage your pain and fight arthritis:

USA Today January 11, 2007