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Understanding the Legal Loopholes to Get Out of Your Cell Phone Contract TODAY!

You may recall a popular article I posted last year that explained how to make your cellular phone carrier drop you by forcing them to lose money, a process that might take, unfortunately, at least three months.

With AT&T preparing to "de-brand" their Cingular Wireless service Monday and the announcement of the iPhone earlier this week, you may want to think a little harder about getting out your existing Cingular contract.

This interesting piece from The Consumerist explains how to get out of your contract, and without paying a cancellation fee. The article features a detailed "script" actually used by a Cingular customer to cancel his agreement after eight years. (This method can also be used to switch your contract to a month-to-month agreement.)

Like the earlier protocol, you will spend some serious time on the phone, but, at least, it won't take at least three months and it will work.

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