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More Dairies Eliminating Monsanto's Dangerous Hormones

The stream of food marketers ridding Monsanto's rBGH hormone from their dairy products is steadily growing with Safeway and Chipotle the latest to eliminate the health-harming chemical.

In the case of Safeway, its Lucerne and Dari-Glen brands will be affected, although Lucerne will be the only one branded as rBGH-free. Additionally, the grocery chain is also requiring dairy farmers and suppliers to sign agreements guaranteeing they won't use the Monsanto hormone. And, after an agreement from its supplier, Chipotle will replace the brand of sour cream it currently serves with its foods with a non-rBGH product. What's more, a division of the Kroger grocery store chain in the northwestern United States is on the lookout for non-rBGH milk sources.

Again, these changes may sound like good ones for your health, but they're nothing more than marketing ploys merely aimed at separating one set of product lines from others and more dollars from your pocketbook.

No matter how many chemicals dairy producers remove and despite the popularity of the "organic" brand, conventionally produced pasteurized milk is no good for your health. Not only does pasteurization destroy much of the iodine and vitamin C present in raw milk, the process renders the major part of the calcium useless.

As always, the best solution for your health is to find a raw milk source in your area.

Organic Consumers Association January 10, 2007